Thursday, February 3, 2011


The Feast topic for the month of February is dubbed as 'Pesonality'. The four talks for this month are going to revolve around financial literacy, and I hope to attend each one of them. Here is the breakdown of the talks:

Talk 1: Make Your 100%

Talk 2: Magnify Your 10%

Talk 3: Multiply Your 20%

Talk 4: Manage Your 70%

The Feast is a weekly gathering of Catholic Christians headed by the Light of Jesus Community (Bo Sanchez). There is Eucharistic celebration, lively worship, and dynamic preaching of the Word of God. To find a Feast venue near you, visit For more information call 725-9999.

Be blessed and be inspired!

Meanwhile, please watch this animated video presentation entitled The Parable of the Pipeline and find out if you're like Pablo or Bruno:

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