Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lenten Retreat c/o Verbum Dei Fathers

Forwarded invitation

Looking for a Lenten retreat to attend in the city this Holy Week? Consider attending Build Your Life, Build The World Easter Encounter organized by the Verbum Dei Missionaries. Please see details above for more info.

Directions to Notre Dame Vie Retreat House:

For Public Transport:

If from Cubao (Farmers), either:
1. Take FX - Bayan Novaliches
2. Bus - Bayan Novaliches

If from Manila, you may take a jeep to Novaliches in Blumentritt or take LRT to Monumento. Then get FX to Novaliches Bayan.

For Private Vehicles:

Take Commonwealth Avenue (towards Novaliches). Just go straight, it will continue to Don Mariano Highway. Near the end, turn left at Jordan Plains Subdivision Phase 1 and 2 (Landmark is Indo’s Convenience Store at the corner). Just follow the road and you will pass Isaiah St., Joshua St., then turn left at Moises St. Turn Right. Then turn left at Quirino Highway. You will see the Church, just follow that road. Turn right at Susano Road (intersection with stop light). You will pass by a market. Go straight, when you see St. Luke’s Shcool, the retreat house is next. Green Gate.

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