Thursday, November 10, 2011

Lust Won't Last

I got this during my trip somewhere in the northern part of the Philippines. I hope our LGBT friends will get to read this.


  1. I agree with this very much, and I do think our gay friends who are convinced of same sex marriage will have a hard time connecting with this. I think my gay friend who lives in Canada and wants to marry his partner believes that God is Love, and therefore He must approve of committed love between two gay men,where sex is simply an expression of love between them just as in a married heterosexual couple, as opposed to promiscuous behavior. How do I tell him that sex between him and his gay lover can only be a fruit of lust and not authentic love? Also, I would like to know what is the source of the above? Is this inspired by Blessed John Paul II's Theology of the Body? Thanks!

  2. Hi Anonymous!

    Thanks for dropping by.

    With regards to your concern, here's a link to a news article a friend just forwarded me this morning and this may answer your query:

    But personally, my approach to this matter is to speak the truth in love. In confronting a moral issue, especially something as complicated as homosexuality, I have learned that when you purely speak of truth devoid of love, you come across as someone who is self-righteous and moralist. When you speak only of love (which is misguided compassion actually) devoid of truth, you let that person stray from the right path. The best biblical example to illustrate this is when Jesus was confronted by the Pharisees regarding the woman caught in adultery. The Lord did not allow the woman to be stoned to death, yet He also did not condone her sinful lifestyle. He encouraged her to repentance with gentleness and compassion. You can never go wrong with that.