Sunday, November 6, 2011

Weekly News (First Week of November 2011)

1. The Oil Needed to Keep Our Lamps Burning Brightly

Biblical Reflection for the 32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time A

TORONTO, NOV. 2, 2011 ( The three parables of Jesus' final discourse in Matthew's Gospel are a fitting way to move toward the end of the liturgical year. [Read More]

2. Bracing For a New English Missal by Christmas 2012

By Christmas next year, Catholics in the Philippines will be reciting different texts at English Masses. [Read More]

3. Judge Prevents New Jersey Hospital From Forcing Nurses to Assist Abortions

Newark, N.J., Nov 4, 2011 / 02:12 pm (CNA).- Federal judge Jose L. Linares issued a temporary restraining order on Nov. 3 that forbids a New Jersey hospital from forcing 12 nurses to assist with abortions. [Read More]

4. Malaysian Police Ban Gay Rights Festival

KUALA LUMPUR - Malaysian police said they will prevent an annual gay rights festival, with organisers slamming the move Thursday as proof of the repression homosexuals face in the socially conservative Muslim country. [Read More]

5. 'Gay' Rights Activists Confused About Free Speech

A New Jersey teacher has been removed from the classroom, pending an investigation of comments she made on her personal Facebook page. [Read More]

6. UN Used Baby 7 Billion to Promote Population Control

New York, NY (LifeNews/CFAM)– Newborn babies took center-stage last Monday in a global campaign conducted by United Nations officials on Halloween to trumpet the birth of the 7 billionth person in the world. Worldwide, officials declared babies born in their country as the symbolic 7 billionth person. [Read More]

7. Journey to Manhood: A Former ‘Transsexual’ Tells His Story

CARLSBAD, California, November 3, 2011 ( – Walt Heyer was a little boy growing up in California in the mid 1940s, interested in cowboys, cars and steel guitars when one day, his grandmother fancied that he wanted to be a girl. She naively made for him a purple chiffon evening dress that he would wear when he visited her. [Read More]

8. Vatican Responds to Closing of Ireland's Holy See Embassy

VATICAN CITY — The Vatican has given a measured response to Ireland’s decision to close its embassy to the Holy See, saying it is free to do so based on what a state believes is practically possible. [Read More]

9. The Internet as a Source of Grace and Sin [Read More]

10. From Playboy Pornographer to Christian Pastor: The Unlikely Story of Donny Pauling

November 2, 2011 ( – It was the very same day that pornographer Donny Pauling was called in by Playboy and offered $4,000 a day to produce a new lesbian reality series, that he unexpectedly found himself at a moment of crisis. [Read More]

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