Sunday, December 4, 2011

Weekly News (First Week of December 2011)

1. Vatican Council Calls for Universal Access to AIDS Treatments

Vatican City, Dec 2, 2011 / 12:46 am (CNA/EWTN News).- To mark World AIDS Day on Dec. 1, the Pontifical Council for Health Care Workers appealed for universal access to life-saving treatment for all AIDS victims and urged others to show solidarity with them. [Read More]

2. Cohabitation and Marriage: Not Equal Alternatives

Studies Continue Confirming the Need to Strengthen Families

ROME, DEC. 2, 2011 ( The popularity of cohabitation as an alternative or a preliminary step to marriage continues to grow. Data published this week by the British Office for National Statistics for England and Wales confirms the trend. [Read More]

3. Church’s AIDS Drive Targets Young

THE Philippines Catholic Church is focusing its HIV and AIDS awareness campaign on the “high risk” groups of youth and migrants, a priest involved in the campaign today said. [Read More]

4. On World AIDS Day, Let’s Be Honest by Teaching Kids that Male Homosexual Sex is High Risk [Read More]

5. Philippines: Pro-Abortion Groups Funding RH Bill Backers

Pro-abortion groups have been showering “reproductive health” (RH) lobbyists with millions of dollars in funding for years to promote the Western agenda of contraception and population control, documents showed. [Read More]

6. England’s Top Catholic Bishop Endorses Gay Civil Unions

December 1, 2011 ( - According to The Tablet, the Archbishop of Westminster, England, has publicly expressed support for homosexual civil unions, a move that appears to put him at odds with a clear Vatican decree against supporting such unions confirmed by Pope John Paul II and then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger (now Pope Benedict) in 2003. [Read More]

7. Lawsuit Against New York’s Homosexual ‘Marriage’ Law Moves Forward

WASHINGTON, December 2, 2011 ( – A New York state judge has allowed a lawsuit that could overturn the state’s homosexual “marriage” law to move forward. [Read More]

8. Entrepreneurial Evangelization

Where’s the “Silicon Valley” for Catholicism? Allow me to explain.

We Catholics give a ton of money to some really, really great charities who do amazing work. But most of it goes toward only one part of the “need chain” - the end product (or the bureaucracy to deliver it). [Read More]

9. Should We Seek Economic Equality?

The Occupy movement in light of Church teaching.

The wealthiest people — the top 1% — have experienced the greatest income growth in recent years; the 99% have seen smaller growth. The rich aren’t getting richer while the poor get poorer — all income groups have increased in wealth. But the vastly rich have gotten much wealthier (hundreds of times so) than the not-so-rich and the poor. [Read More]

10. Why Hating Is Too Easy and Forgiving Is Too Hard

Psychologist Considers the Reasons People Choose Bitterness

ARLINGTON, Virginia, NOV. 29, 2011 ( Though hatred ferments within a person and prevents positive achievements, still, it seems to be on the rise. Doctor Paul C. Vitz, associate professor and senior scholar at the Institute for the Psychological Sciences, is asking why. [Read More]

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