Monday, March 30, 2009

The Father Heart of God

A short reflection from our Lenten Courage Recollection by Andrew Comiskey (Living Waters)

Do you have any idea how attractive you are to God? One of the biggest hindrances to our walk with Him is a sense that our flesh is repulsive to Him because of sin. When my small son is covered with mud from the back yard, I pick him up and clean him off with the garden hose. I reject the mud, not the boy. Yes, you have sinned. Yes, you have broken God's heart. But you are still the center of God's affections - the apple of his eye. It is He who pursues us with a forgiving heart. We say "I found the Lord," but the truth is, He found us.

Many children particularly boys, have had no physical display of affection from their fathers, or no compassion when they are hurt. Because of our false concept of masculinity, we are told "Don't cry, boys don't cry". Jesus is not like that. His compassion and understanding are measureless. He feels our hurts more deeply than we do because His sensitivity to suffering is so much greater.

I once had to hold my screaming two-year old while a doctor stitched a large gash in his forehead. He quickly forgot his painful experience and fell asleep in my arms. But I was tormented by the experience and grieved for hours. You have forgotten most of your pains, but God has not. He has perfect recall of every moment of your life. Your tears are still mingled with His at this very moment.

Sometimes we don't understand what a fussy, doting father God is. Your parents may proudly display bronzed baby booties on the mantle, or trophies on the wall - but how does that compare with God's infinite capacity to be overjoyed with your every success? It was actually God who hear you speak your first real word. The hours you spent alone exploring new textures with baby hands were a delight to your Heavenly Father. Some of his greatest treasures are the memories of your childhood laughter. There has never been another child like you, and there never will be.

Moses once invoked a blessing on each of the tribes of Israel. To one tribe he said, "You shall dwell between the shoulders of God". What a fantastic blessing! But that is where you dwell also. Whatever you become in the eyes of men, even in person of great authority, fame or title, you will never cease to be more or less than a babe in the arms of God.

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