Thursday, August 27, 2009

Courage on YouTube!

In this episode, Friar Roderick interviews Fr. Paul Check, priest from the Diocese of Bridgeport, CT, and Executive Director of Courage International, on his apostolate which works with those who struggle with same-sex attraction. Fr. Paul focuses on the positive aspects of living a Catholic life in the midst of a decaying culture, and how to avoid getting caught in the tangled web of same-sex relationships.

Here are some quotes from Fr. Paul Check's interview:

"It is unfortunate that many people think the Church condemns this group of people outright and says they are only destined for hell and so on and of course that is very far from the truth."

"The word 'change' has to be approached with great care. From the standpoint of the Courage Apostolate, the change that we try to assist people with is a change from promiscuity to interior chastity - a chastity of the heart."

" help people know that a chaste heart is something that they can have, and a chaste heart is a peaceful heart."