Sunday, August 23, 2009

News & Commentaries

1. Asian Bishops Emphasize Power of Eucharist [weblink]

2. Do You Also Wish To Go Away? (Biblical Reflections for 21st Sunday in Ordinary Time B) [weblink]

3. New Video Exposing Overpopulation Myths Gains Traction, Hate From Opponents [weblink]

4. Obama to Discuss Health Care Today With Faith Groups [weblink]

5. NIV Study Bible on Romans: 'Homosexual Practice Is Sinful in God's Eyes' [weblink]

6. Alaskan Mayor Vetoes Homosexual Anti-Discrimination Law [weblink]

7. Trial Date Set For Court Challenge to California's Proposition 8 [weblink]

8. Australia Court Legally Recognizes Two Women as Men [weblink]

9. Lutherans Adopt More Open View on Homosexuality [weblink]

10. Homosexuals More Likely to Seek Psychological Help [weblink]

Quote for the week:

The denial of personal guilt makes men ready to surrender their liberty. Better it is for a man to realize he has evil tendencies which must be fought and combated in order that his higher self may emerge. - Archbishop Fulton Sheen

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