Sunday, December 20, 2009

News & Commentaries

1. Christmas Is About Love, Says Pontiff [weblink]

2. ‘Simbang Gabi Is For Worship, Not For Courtship’, Catholic Editors Remind Youth [weblink]

3. Comelec Rejects Gay Party Ang Ladlad's Appeal [weblink]

4. It's Final: Comelec Denies Gay Group's Party List Bid [weblink]

5. Irish Priest Extols Religious, Family Values of Filipinos in Ireland [weblink]

6. Bill Keller Is Right: America Is Deeply Offended by the Bible [weblink]

7. UK Prime Minister Pledges to Force Gay Civil Union Recognition in Eastern Europe [weblink]

8. Portuguese Government Seeks to Legalize Same-Sex "Marriage" [weblink]

9. Indian Religious Leaders Call for Repeal of Ruling Decriminalizing Homosexual Acts [weblink]

10. Interview: The Vatican on Just vs. Unjust Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation [weblink]

11. Don Feder on the 'War on Christmas' in America [weblink]

12. Christmas Commercialism Combated by "Advent Conspiracy" Movement [weblink]

A Blessed Merry Christmas to All!

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