Sunday, December 13, 2009

News & Commentaries

1. Benedict XVI: God Matters [weblink]

2. Second National Congress of the Clergy Set in 2010 [weblink]

3. Pope Speaks Against Mass Media Sensationalism [weblink]

4. Congressman Bienvenido Abante Jr. Wants to Criminalize Same-Sex Union [weblink]

5. Washington Times Hits Kevin Jennings as Obama's 'Buggery Czar' [weblink]

6. Archbishop Chaput: Manhattan Declaration Will ‘Galvanize’ Christians in Difficult Times [weblink]

7. Dutch MP: Homosexual Sexual Education Should be Mandatory [weblink]

8. Controversial New Study Strongly Links Child Porn Use and Child Abuse [weblink]

9. U.K. Church Could Face Prosecution for Refusing to Ordain Women, Homosexuals: Bishops [weblink]

10. "Life is Short. Have an Affair.": Toronto Transit System Rejects Adultery-Promoting Ad [weblink]

11. New Jersey's Same-Sex Marriage Bill Paused [weblink]


"The perfection of a Christian consists in mortifying his will for the love of Christ. Where there is no great mortification, there is no great sanctity." - St. Philip Neri

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