Thursday, April 16, 2009

This Way Out

Note: I just finished reading This Way Out by Frank Worthen, a book on homosexuality that a very good friend of mine gave me as a gift. The book is a must-have for everyone struggling with SSA and especially those who are confused and reluctant to give up the gay lifestyle. The book has 17 chapters, which I will list down below, and in each chapter Frank Worthen will guide you every step of the way and help you understand better the complex issues behind your struggle from a Christian perspective.

Drawing from his own past struggle with homosexuality and his more than twenty-five years of counseling homosexuals, Frank Worthen helps you understand the roots of homosexuality and points the way out to freedom. This Way Out presents three important points:

1. Knowledge about the issue of homosexuality.
2. The vital necessity of an intimate relationship with God.
3. The part the homosexual plays in his healing.

To read Frank Worthen's testimony, click here.


1. A Brief Look at Homosexuality
2. Did God Say?
3. The First Step: "A Crucial Decision"
4. The Way of Sorrow
5. The Need for a Savior
6. Doing the Ordinary
7. Spiritual Warfare
8. Correcting our Image of God
9. Correcting our Image of Others
10. Correcting our Image of Self
11. The Belief Principle
12. Submission
13. Displacement
14. Walking in the Light
15. Summary of Steps Out of Homosexuality
16. Speaking to the Non-Christian Gay
17. The Last Chapter


"This book is one of the first sources of light that God used to lead me to the path of transformation and freedom." - Louie

"This book gave language to the pain and wounds I faced." - Benjie

"This Way Out gave me the hope that change is really possible." - Jun

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