Sunday, May 10, 2009

News & Commentaries

1. Pontiff Defends Role of Disabled in Society [weblink]

2. Pope Traveling to Holy Land to Promote Peace and Hope, Says Nuncio [weblink]

3. Catholic League: Vatican's Position on 'Angels and Demons' [weblink]

4. Obama Urged to Appoint First 'Gay' to Supreme Court [weblink]

5. Child Porn Websites on the Decline - But Remain Vigilant [weblink]

6. Commentary: If You Hate Motherhood, Donate to Planned Parenthood This Mother's Day, but if Not...[weblink]

7. Lesbian Couple Seeks to Bring "Gay Marriage" to Russia [weblink]

8. Openly Homosexual Phoenix Priest Who Endorsed "Naked Boys Singing" Movie Excommunicated [weblink]

9. Florida Priest Disciplined [weblink]

10. Why Marriage Will Win [weblink]

Happy Mother's Day!

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