Friday, January 1, 2010

A Fresh Start - Prayer for New Year

Taken from the book Forty Personal Prayers (Part 1) by Msgr. Ruperto C. Santos, STL

Dear Lord Jesus,
We implore your blessing and guidance on the eve of the New Year

You give us this new year as a fresh start,
a golden chance to renew our life,
to straighten our ways,
to redeem our past.

You give us this new year like a new dawn,
a stepping stone,
an opportunity to correct our mistakes,
to rise from our failures,
to become better persons.

O Lord, we humbly ask you now
to bless us this new year...
may we put into action our resolutions,
may we translate into fine deeds our words and promises,
may we realize our plans,
may we work to make our dreams come true,
may we finish what we have started.

O Lord, we kindly ask you now
to guide us this new year...
make us find joy in spite of disappointments,
peace amid a busy schedule,
hope in the face of failures,
happy solutions to problems and troubles.

O Lord, we humbly ask you now
to be with us this coming new year...
May the new year find us discovering
a new meaning in our work,
a noble vision in our goal,
a stable direction in our life.

May we begin the new year with you in our hearts,
O God, may we use each day of the new year
to serve our brothers and sisters.


*Today is also the feast of the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God.

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