Sunday, January 10, 2010

News & Commentaries

1. Pontiff: To See the Star, One Needs Humility

VATICAN CITY, JAN. 7, 2010 ( Why is it that some are moved by faith, and others are not? According to Benedict XVI, it's a matter of genuine humility, and the ability to be a child at heart. [Read More]

2. Learn From the Black Nazarene, Manila Cardinal Exhorts

MANILA, JANUARY 9, 2009—Manila Archbishop Gaudencio B. Cardinal Rosales called on the devotees of the Black Nazarene to learn from the lessons of Nazareth’s distinguished son, Jesus Christ. [Read More]

3. Women's Group Wants Expiry Date on Marriage

MANILA, Philippines - A party-list group representing separated and abandoned women proposed yesterday the enactment of a law that will mandate a 10-year marriage validity to spare incompatible couples the expense of lengthy legal proceedings before their marriages are annulled. [Read More]

4. Jennifer Lopez Down on In Vitro - So Why is IVF Contrary to Pro-Life Values

Commentary By Hilary White

January 7, 2010 ( - I have to admit that when I hear the name Jennifer Lopez, traditional morality is not the first thing that springs to mind. Perhaps I'm being too hard on the girl, but I'm afraid the first thing I usually think of is the rather succinct but apt expression of a friend of mine: "pop-tart". [Read More]

5. General Assembly 'Sexual Orientation' Vote Reveals Defection by Catholic Nations

(NEW YORK – C-FAM) An analysis of how countries voted with respect to novel non-discrimination categories based on "sexual orientation and gender identity" in a United Nations (UN) General Assembly (GA) resolution last month reveals an emerging global line-up on contentious social issues that has traditionally-Catholic nations aligned with social "progressives." [Read More]

6. Homosexual 'Marriage' Jeopardizes Development of Society, Archbishop Warns

Mexico City, Mexico, Jan 7, 2010 / 02:56 pm (CNA).- Archbishop Victor Sanchez Espinoza of Puebla joined with Cardinal Norberto Rivera of Mexico City in calling for the protection of the family in response to the approval of both homosexual “marriage” and adoption in the Mexican capital. [Read More]

7. Same-Sex 'Marriage' Advocates Being Obstinate

The New Jersey Senate ended the chance for approval of homosexual "marriage" in the legislature, but the fight to push the measure through continues. [Read More]

8. Ontario Government Won’t Say Whether Catholic Schools Can Teach Beliefs on Homosexuality

TORONTO, Ontario, January 8, 2010 ( - The Ontario Ministry of Education has refused to say whether Catholic schools will be permitted to teach Catholic beliefs on homosexuality under their new Equity and Inclusive Education Strategy. [Read More]

9. Obama Appointees “Transgender” as Latest Homosexual Nominee

WASHINGTON, D.C., January 8, 2010 ( – President Barack Obama has achieved another “first” for homosexual advocates by nominating a “transgender” man to a post in the Commerce Department. [Read More]

10. Federal Study Confirms Contraception-Breast Cancer Link

Ten years ago, Dr. Chris Kahlenborn, authored the book Breast Cancer: Its Link to Abortion and the Birth Control Pill, which established the connection between the birth control pill and breast cancer.

Now, a federal study confirms that data. [Read More]


"Nothing is sweeter than the calm of conscience, nothing safer than purity of soul - yet no one can bestow this on himself because it is properly the gift of God's grace." - St. Columbanus

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