Sunday, January 3, 2010

News & Commentaries

1. Pope Planning an Intense 2010

ROME, JAN. 1, 2010 ( The year beginning today promises to be the busiest yet for Benedict XVI's pontificate, as the almost-83-year-old-Pope is planning four international trips and a synod on the Middle East. Read More

2. Cardinal Laments Same-Sex "Marriage" Law

MEXICO CITY, DEC. 23, 2009 ( After a law allowing same-sex "marriages" was passed by Mexico City's assembly, the archbishop of that region said that no matter the legislation, these unions will always be immoral. Read More

3. Taize 'Pilgrimage of Trust' Set in 2010

MANILA, Dec. 21, 2009—Young people from all over the world are set to gather in Manila early part of February 2010 for a pilgrimage of trust organized by the Taize brothers. Read More

4. 2010 Crucial Year for RP, Says Cardinal

MANILA, Dec. 25, 2009—A high ranking Church official said 2010 is a crucial year for the nation as people will choose leaders who will govern the country in the upcoming elections. Read More

5. AFTAH - Hated for Telling the Truth (Part One)

If you want a good indication of the hatred and vilification to which Americans For Truth and this writer are subjected on a daily basis for exposing the truth about the homosexual and transsexual activist lobbies, do a Google search on my name: Peter LaBarbera (often misspelled: Peter LaBarbara). Read More

6. Does Growing Cultural Acceptance of Homosexuality Make it Moral? Read More

7. Year in Review - Pro-Life 2009

It was an eventful year in the pro-life movement. Many Planned Parenthood clinics were closed down -- and the activities of several others were exposed via the undercover efforts of a group of young pro-lifers. Read More

8. Mexico City Approves "Homosexual Marriage" and Adoption

MEXICO CITY, December 23, 2009 ( - "Homosexual marriage" and gay adoption received approval from lawmakers in Mexico's capital on Monday, in a 39-25 vote with five abstentions. Read More

9. HK to Strengthen Laws Against Same-Sex Domestic Violence

The Hong Kong government will implement an amendment in the domestic violence law Friday, which seeks to extend the scope of the Domestic Violence Ordinance (DVO)to cover same-sex couples. Read More

10. Top Ten Good News Stories of 2009

( - The following are the top ten good news stories of 2009, ranked according to popularity. Read More


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